Directing and writing

Plays and Projects directed by Stark - Narcissus Small Bama Festival, TAU, 2003 - Pavlova, Short Theater Festival, Tzavta, 2004 - My Married Love, adaptation of a Hanif  Kureishi short story, Tmuna Theater, 2007 - Prom Night, Dance Theater project for Nissan Native Acting School, 2010 - Paradox, by Sharon Stark, Tmuna Theater, 2013 - The Ugly by Marius fon Mainburg, Impro Acting School, 2015 - Progress Report by Daniel Keyes. Tmuna Theater, 2016 -

Enemies, A Love Story By I. Bashevis-Singer. Set to stage by Sharon Stark. Impro, 2017

True Love LTD. a futuristic romantic comedy by Sharon Stark, 2018

True Love Ltd

a futuristic comedy by Sharon Stark

True Love" is the name of a matchmaking App that brings users directly to their loved ones, without the need for tedious searches or boring dates. The heroine of the play, Talia, divorced + 2, enters the App in order to get the real thing once and for all, but the algorithm, which never makes mistakes, matches her with an improbable match.


What does a murder investigation look like in the Post-Truth Era? Is post-modern Deconstruction the key to understand modern women? Paradox looks at the divided feminine by deconstructing authority-based relationships in a humorous fashion.

From the press: "The main quality of "Paradox" stems from the brilliant text by Stark, which successfully incorporates philosophical issues into a drama of passions, surrealism and humor that also has some of the makings of a detective story. Stark thus successfully creates an intriguing, arousing and surprising play" (Marat Parkhomovsky).

"Sharon Stark is indeed not only a gifted actress, but a promising playwright. The relationship between the two actresses, which seem simple at the beginning, become more and more complex as the show progresses and develops into a deep form of deconstruction in Stark's clever play- The deconstruction and assembly of the main character itself" (Shay Bar-Yaakov, Yediot Aharonot)

""Paradox" sets out to tickle the fancy of the extravagantly educated and perpetually inquisitive: Yonat, an eager yet inexperienced doctoral candidate is a last minute replacement for the illustrious Professor of Philosophy Reuben Nimrodi, who is already Harvard bound without a word of farewell having received an academic offer he could not refuse. It’s the neurotic research assistant’s first time, and over the course of this comic thriller, she will attempt to teach a class on Post-Modernism. Is it, then, as funny and strange as it sounds? Definitely and delightfully so." (Ayelet Dekel)

יצירה נשית פמיניזם

My Married Love

Progress Report

הצגה מעולה הצגת יחיד

A Lonely planet

Enemies- A Love Story

The Ugly One, by Marius von Mayenburg